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Avenida Santa Eufémia 3a, Póvoa de Midões .. GPS 40.393772"N 7.971664"W ..
Inaugurated 21 October 2006, the Pentecostal Assembly of God is more a religious space d ...
Rua Engenheiro Macedos dos Santos , Póvoa de Midões
We present you the Country Club of Póvoa de Midões. Stage happy holidays and good INVITE ...
Rua Principal, Taipa Valley
A Associação Recreativa e Melhoramentos de Vale de Taipa é um espaço utilizado pela população par...
Póvoa de Midões
We have given you knowledge that the landscapes that here there are indeed magnificent. Well ...
Rua Campo de Futebol, Póvoa de Midões
Represented here is the football field of Póvoa de Midões, that was once great stage to ...
Estrada Municipal 65 , Póvoa de Midões .. GPS 40.401881"N 7.987114"W ..
Rua da Catraia , Póvoa de Midões
"Here jas Father Antonio Ricardo Costa Veiga Paroceo this village and this donor Chapel Birth ...
Rua Engenheiro Macedo dos Santos, Póvoa de Midões ..GPS 40.394112"N 7.968006"W ..
At day 16 September every year, here are held religious festivities of Santa Eufemia,...
Rua São Bartolomeu, Taipa Valley
The St. Bartholomew Chapel is a religious space Taipa Valley, belonging to our parish ....
Rua Professor Nicolau Firmino 2, Póvoa de Midões ..GPS 40.392399"N 7.973506"W..
The Parish House Midões de Varzim is a religious space of the Parish, that is "stage" for the cate ...
Póvoa de Midões
Surely you remember and reminds welcome your ancient times! Something in our freguesi ...
Estrada Municipal 65 , Póvoa de Midões .. GPS 40.401881"N 7.987114"W ..
Nas imediações da Capela Jubileu 2000
Rua Professor Nicolau Firmino, Póvoa de Midões
“…and the old font, still used by the population, and is surmounted by a small ...
Rua 25 de Abril 8, Póvoa de Midões ..GPS 40.392384"N 7.973866"W..
We present you another religious space of our Parish. The Church of Our Lady of Grace ...
Rua Engenheiro Macedo dos Santos 34, Póvoa de Midões ..GPS 40.393613 "N 7.971051"W ..
This is your reference point. For you who do not know our wonderful Town and has a ...
Rua da Fonte, Póvoa de Midões
Once used by the Parish of the population for water supply and for washing ...
Travessa dos Lavadouros, Taipa Valley
Represented here are the Taipa Valley washtubs, previously used by the population ...
Avenida Santa Eufémia, Póvoa de Midões ..GPS 40.393225"N 7.976213"W..
In our parish we have a bit of everything. Thinking of the young, here there is one tot space ...
Rua Principal, Taipa Valley
Playground with great conditions in Taipa Valley location, belonging to our Freguesi ...
Póvoa de Midões
“O penedo que abana ou oscilante, also called Boulder C'abana, é um monumento de relevo no c...
Póvoa de Midões
Póvoa de Midões
In this place represented here, takes place Religious Feast of St. Euphemia receiving Annually ...
Póvoa de Midões
Lovely views of the River Horses, Taipa Valley, belonging to our Parish
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