“Not cease to, therefore, surprising the chances that nature here has left, and some remains, still visible, of Roman occupation times. It is thus possible to see, the main street of Póvoa de Midões, a tombstone embedded in a wall of a dwelling house, commemorating the founding of a Roman bridge, which reads "IMP. TITO COS PONTEM built Severo. VIVE.F "”

Situated at the northern end of the county, the territory of this parish is within the limits of the Roman colony of Bobadela.

In addition to varied archaeological material character utility (construction material, pottery, etc.), there are traces of several Roman roads that left this ancient Roman mansion to other stations, in places where today are Coimbra, Viseu and Guarda.

The Roman road which connected with the Viseu region was in Midões de Varzim, having a bridge in Horse River, where there was an inscription.

Midões de Varzim was a parsonage presentation of Midões vicar and took advantage of the given charter to this town by D. Manuel I, in Lisbon, a 12 September 1514.