13 December, 2022

3º Flexible Transport Pilot Project – Board

This service is designed to provide transport in the places where […]
13 December, 2022

Christmas Cabbages and Pumpkins Contest

Interested parties may apply by completing the application form., […]
8 December, 2022

votes Natalícios 2022

votes Natalícios 2022.
5 August, 2022

Ovine Catarrhal Fever

According to the Notice 60 ovine catarrhal fever, and due to the detection of positive results for the serotype 4 in several municipalities in the Center region, extension of the affected area for Bluetongue was imposed and is now defined as the area affected by the serotype 4, the regions of Alentejo and the districts of Santarém, setubal, White Castle, Coimbra, Guard and Viseu.